Richie Rich & 24 Karat Funk

                                      Experienced - Professional - Versatile



For the past 30 years 24 Karat Funk Productions has been delivering their dynamic style of music in and
   around the New England area and Overseas (France, Belgium, Sweden, etc.). Once they hit the stage 24 Karat Funk collectively delivers
     their original material and the best in Funk, R&B. Reggae, Jazz, Pop and Rock.


Born in Boston, Massachusetts "Richie Rich" is a homegrown singer, songwriter, and entertainer who has been in the entertainment business for over thirty-five years. He was introduced to the soulful sounds of Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, and many of the Gospel, Funk, and R&B legends that graced the radio and turntables during the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's. At the age of 11 he attended the New England Conservatory of music studying Piano.  Richie says "Meeting Duke Ellington, when I was thirteen years old and getting the opportunity to tell him about my love for music and singing was a golden moment for me. Mr. Ellington told me not to let anyone ever talk me out of my dreams."


Vanessa Wilson-Howard - Vocals

Smooth, sophisticated, and straight to the point.  Vanessa's vocal talent and stage presence is amazing and impressive.  No matter what genre' of music or what song is being performed Vanessa can handle it all with her strong stage presence and vocal versatility.



Richard "Thumpasarus" Johnson - Bass

If you want "true" funk performed on a Bass then look no further.  Richard is not called "Thumpasarus" for nothing.  From Jazz to R&B and everything in between he can "Funk It Up" with the best of them.  "One of the most talented Bass players on the planet" is how he is often described.


Russell "The Muscle" Pace - Guitar

"Extraordinary" is how to best describe Russell's abilities on guitar. No matter what genre' of music Russell will electrify you with his performance and sound.


Joseph Davis, Jr. - Drums

"Sophisticated Funk" exudes every time he picks up the sticks. It doesn't matter what the song, genre', etc., Mr. Davis can hold his own with anyone. Definite charisma and professionalism is evident and he adds "what you need" to keep the beat and upscale the funk!


Ben Saccacia - Keyboards

Another "extremely talented musician" and keyboardist Ben can do things on the keyboard that others only think about.  He is definitely a welcomed entity and helps to complete 24 Karat Funk.







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